Postcard Poetry Contest

Postcard Poetry is (b)OINK’s newest 2018 contest.

Our very own poetry editor, Samuel Fox, will be the judge. Find out more about Sam and his work here:

Here is an excerpt from Sam’s fantastic piece published at (b)OINK:

‘Don’t talk about it. Even if people were to listen, if they were really listening, they would ask why? Why would you want this? Why would you want to be anything other than normal? Why would you want to anger God this way? You know he smites those who waste their own seed? You know he smites those who do such an evil thing (as be anything other than normal, male, or darker than pale)? You will likely hear these things anyway. But, the reply will be instant. In the space between your syllables, they won’t hear or feel the static, the charge, of need. Not to belong. But, to be representative. To be recognizable. To be individual. They will lump you with others, those they deem sycophants, those they deem liberal, those they deem unsuitable for the use of God’s first breath. They will tie you down with your argument. They’ll spark the flames with the friction of your own words.’

The premise of the contest is simple: Write a poem, one page or less, using the front and back of the postcard as a prompt (see images below). You could be the person that sends it, the postperson who delivers it, or the one who receives it. Really, it’s up to you. Be creative and have fun!

  • Please use Times New Roman 12pt font.
  • Previous contributors are welcome to enter the contest.
  • We are firm on one page or less. Any entry that exceeds one page will automatically be disqualified.
  • Entries will be considered from 1/7- 1/26 (11:59pm CDT).
  • Please do not include your name on the attachment. We want to read the submissions blind.
  • We will announce the winner on Monday, January 29.

Enter the contest through our Submittable page.

Besides the winning poem being published, the winner will also receive, if desired, a “box of shit” via snail mail.

Good luck to everyone that enters!