Author: William R. Soldan

Where You Might Have Been When They Took Their Last Breaths

You think: Where was I when all these dead were dying, dropping off and piling up? Andy C. you knew since sporting chains in junior high. Slit the back of a Fentanyl patch to get at the inside. Time released all at once. Maybe you were tapping after snapping a vial, copped from a girl whose guy got slick, swiped some boxes from a truck. Around the time the towers came down, because you were still living in The Bricks, and despite the nights’ new elevations you’d only begun to get the taste. Amanda K. and Josh P., lingering...

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Leather Lizzy Motherfucker

Planning Elizabeth likes to sit beside the pond and think of what she’ll do when she goes Rumspringa. She’s turning sixteen. It’s almost time. She thinks she’ll get a leather jacket with silver snaps. Let down her brown hair, perhaps dye it black. She thinks she’ll smoke a cigarette and try beer. These thoughts excite her, but she’s also a little afraid. What She Learns Elizabeth discovers Rock & Roll. She can’t get enough of the band Thin Lizzy, is always singing out loud and under her breath. “Tonight There’s Gonna Be a Jailbreak.” “Cold Sweat.” “Wild Child.” She...

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