Author: Meghan Phillips

2017 Winner: Potential Energy Is Stored For The Future

Potential Energy Is Stored For The Future Electricity is not capable of accomplishing half the marvels that are claimed for it, James Harvey Kellogg said & yet it was valuable. In shallow baths of mineraled water. With cold sheets wrapped tight. With sun on faces daylight pale. Valuable when lined up among cots on the dusk-dark lawn. Sanatorium. Sanitarium. Change two letters & a new word is added to the English language. I seen Bob the other day. In a bath, in a sheet, in the sun, on the lawn. He said, electricity that gathers in one place is static. I said, I’m trying to get you out. He said, the body builds an electric charge over time. I said, I’m trying to get you out. He said, when you touch metal, the charge runs to the earth. He said, electricity that moves from one place to another is called current. I said, be seeing you. He said, the energy something has because it’s moving. I said, be seeing you, be seeing...

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Benny wanted to name the pig Pizza, which is a stupid name for a pig. Anyway, I had already decided to name it Penelope, like the movie where the pretty rich girl is cursed with a pig snout, and she thinks no one could ever love her but someone maybe does and it turns out that it doesn’t matter anyway because she learns to love herself or something. I liked her stripy tights and cool room with the swing in the middle, so I wanted to name the pig Penelope, but at breakfast, Mom said that maybe I should...

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