Author: Meg Tuite

Tribute to Violet Ritis Tuite: Died on August 4, 1992

Violet Ritis Tuite (Mom) died on Aug. 4th, 1992. I lived with her for over a year before she died. In those days she had me thinking about what it is to come to terms with whatever life we have or have not lived. The doctor told her the cancer was her interior landscape that not even a hurricane could revamp at that point. She wanted the unanswered. Why was her second child a stillborn birth? Why didn’t she talk with her only sister, Dolores, about the incest that shattered them before Dolores killed herself alone in a hotel...

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Shaking, but Still Driving

Bruise of a whisper vagues out of you. Notices itself. Lights dim inside your body compact enough to deflate lungs like a laboratory rat. Episodes rage, whimper, stagger against the thin walls. You are a planet so far away it doesn’t even know how old it is. Slip into a day and watch it move and dominate itself without you. Nothing more hollow than following Mom’s tiptoes, two invisible griefs. Sleep is ancestral. REM wears a metal cape. Fights motherfuckers. Steel-toed boots hit kneecaps. A superhero lives in bed. Stand in the living room and let the smack not...

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