Author: Chloe N. Clark

The Dissertation is a Quest that has No Idea

The point, you told me, is the question not the answer but I wasn’t listening, too busy hanging over the side of the bed to see if I could get that tingling feeling in my head and you put your hand on my stomach to get my attention but I was seeing stars and your hand was warm as cups of tea and sometime all I want is for you to keep touching my skin but you got distracted by some thought that wasn’t me and took your hand away, started talking about the structure of arguments and I...

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Error Coding

301 Moved Permanently Your body still an arc, a part of this curve we called our own When I miss you most it is in the memory of your walk or the way you stretched your calf muscles out by balancing on different points of your feet or the scar across the back of your hand, the white ridged skin tattoo you never chose 502 Bad Gateway Remember that house we looked at in a city we didn’t live in? It was open and the realtor led us through with a smile. You whispered: imagine who we’d be if...

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