35mm Fiction Contest

35mm Fiction is (b)OINK’s monthly microfiction contest.

Every month we will post a 35mm photo. The premise of the contest is simple: write a piece of fiction, 35 words or less, using the 35mm photo as a prompt.

  • The word count excludes the title, though we suggest you keep the title short (which means do not use it as a device to tell more about the story).
  • We are firm on 35 words or less. Any stories that exceed the word count will automatically be disqualified.
  • Though we would love for each story to be 35 words on the dot, we understand brevity and concision. Therefore, if the story can be told in less, please feel free.
  • Contest entries will be considered from 7/12-7/21. We will announce the winner on Monday, 7/24. Good luck to everyone that enters!
  • Please include a short bio and photo with each entry.

Send your entries to boinknews@gmail.com. Use “35mm Fiction Contest – Title”  in the subject line.


Have fun and send us the goods!



Miguelina Seijo

Miguelina Seijo

Miguelina Seijo is a Brooklyn native based in Lancaster, PA. Her photographs have appeared in The Blue Earth Review, The Curated Fridge, Laconic Literary Journal, and Lense Scratch, among others. Currently she is at work on a street style series. More of her art and contact info can be found at seijophotography.com