35mm Fiction Contest

35mm Fiction is (b)OINK’s microfiction contest.

The premise of the contest is simple: write a piece of fiction, 35 words or less, using the 35mm photo as a prompt.

  • This month’s contest will be judged by none other than Kara Vernor, the previous contest’s winner.
  • The word count excludes the title, though we suggest you keep the title short (which means do not use it as a device to tell more about the story).
  • We are firm on 35 words or less. Any stories that exceed the word count will automatically be disqualified.
  • Though we would love for each story to be 35 words on the dot, we understand brevity and concision. Therefore, if the story can be told in less, please feel free.
  • Contest entries will be considered from 10/25-11/3. We will announce the winner on Monday, 11/6.
  • Along with publication, the winner will receive a “box of shit” via snail mail.
  • Previous contributors of (b)OINK are welcome to submit. Multiple entries are fine, too.
  • Entries will be read blind, so please do not put your name on the document.

To enter, please visit our Submittable page.




Bryan Tipton Bowie

Bryan Tipton Bowie

Bryan Tipton Bowie is an artist based in southeastern Virginia. He’s currently working on a new photographic book project as well as more short stories.