You are a belt. Not sure if you’re helping to keep me up or down

My heart sags like the delinquents God

A crocodile saw me one night and decided to grow sharper teeth

You winked and I became an emergency room full of children with the same fever

We fucked the entirety of an open mic once.

I knew it was wrong, that I should have listened.

You brought a bigger strap-on, to see if I could take it

When I couldn’t, you told me, you had a girlfriend that you loved.

You asked “what was the point of leaving home for the wild, if the wild wants a picket fence?”

I rolled over and watched the last 6 months of our life dim to a gray.


I would be lying if I said I did not try to take it.

I would be lying, if I said, I did not wish myself a prison
when you entered me.

Siaara Freeman

Siaara Freeman is 27 years of dramatic entrances and exits & from Cleveland Ohio. She is a 2016 Pushcart prize nominee, 2016 best new poet nominee, 2017 Bettering American poetry winner & 2017 Button Chapbook contest finalist. She is the founder of online magazine and an editor for Tinderbox Literary Journal. In her spare time, she is growing her afro so tall, God mistakes it for a microphone & speaks into her. You can find some of her work in CrabFat Magazine, Rat's Ass Review, Black Napkin Press, Pinch & others. She has work upcoming in BOOAT, Ghost City Review, cahoodling journal, and gingerbread house publishing.

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