I’m good, and you?

Just making breakfast here
and chewing the toenails off other people.
Remember when I used to do that for you?

Oh, by the way — the starlings are back for that big tree.
Remember the first time they flooded it?
We thought they were in danger.

We thought the tree was on fire,
that their homes were burning easily,
since they are made of hair and leaves.

The way they were all squawking, we
thought they were calling for evacuation.
Calling all cars! This mother is burning.

But they’re swooping down again now, calling me,
revisiting the tree they never almost died in,
trying to do god-knows-what in its limbs.

Katie Quinnelly

Katie Quinnelly

Katie Quinnelly is a climbing instructor in West Virginia. Her work has appeared in Occulum, Moonchild Magazine, Rabid Oak, and the Anthology of Appalachian Writers, among others.
Katie Quinnelly

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