The point, you told me,
is the question
	not the answer
but I wasn’t listening,
too busy hanging over
the side of the bed
to see if I could get
that tingling feeling
in my head
	and you put your hand
	on my stomach to get
		my attention
	but I was seeing stars
	and your hand was warm
	as cups of tea
	and sometime all I want
	is for you to keep touching
	my skin
		but you got distracted
		by some thought that
			wasn’t me
		and took your hand
		away, started talking
		about the structure
		of arguments
		and I let the spinning
		room call me to sleep
Chloe N. Clark

Chloe N. Clark

Chloe N. Clark is a teacher and writer. Her work appears in Apex, Booth, Uncanny, a previous issue of (b)OINK and more. Her chapbook The Science of Unvanishing Objects will be published in February 2018.
Chloe N. Clark

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