Month: October 2017

The Absence of Light

In my first year at university, I became obsessed with my lab partner. Johnno had snowy-blonde hair and skin so pale he looked as though he’d been dipped in milk. He wore black jeans, and black t-shirts emblazoned with album covers from obscure bands: Jellyfish, Torment, Cataclysm. Our lab was at five PM on Fridays. Through the window, I’d wistfully watch the other students streaming towards the pub like tadpoles. When the autumn trees blazed red-orange, Johnno asked that the formaldehyde-imbued curtains be drawn. But when winter arrived, he pressed his fingers against the foggy glass, drinking in the...

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Dolphin Meat

When I was in college, my girlfriend Lily brought me to her parent’s house for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t met Lily’s dad, Ron, before but I knew he’d recently had a metal plate installed in his head after being attacked by some dolphins in Florida. “It was at one of those places where you can swim with them,” Lily told me. “He was riding on back of a dolphin named Percy and Percy tossed him and then a dolphin named Buttons smacked him with his tail.” When we got to the house, Ron was in the kitchen basting the turkey...

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El Paso

And so began the period I lived under a sheen of your cum. It dried clear like egg on my skin, and I woke you up to tell you that, because it seemed such an irony. You touched it with your hand, noted the texture, then let me read to you until you fell back asleep. In the mornings, you went to work, and I would stand on the porch looking at the mountains of Mexico just beyond the border, brushing my hand against my chest, watching your cum flake off me like dried skin. Like dead pieces of...

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