Act I

The escalator was sideways
But I tried to climb up anyway

A man was punctured with bamboo
Until he became a porcupine

My favorite poet
Watches women undress

And licks his thumb
I’m scared

Of the president
I’m scared of the dream of acid

A jewelry store appears
In the crack of my dream

An oasis, they say
I have to pee, I say

Everyone wonders
When they’ll win

Everyone wonders
When they’ll die

No one asks
To adjust the curtain


[It’s too hot even to fuck]

It’s too hot even to fuck.
The air conditioner radiates in the window
As cat scratches all down the hall.
Everyone’s ex-girlfriend is Donald Trump.
Everyone’s ex-girlfriend is mine.
She says she hates it but she’s shallow.
Wants a man to text her even when she hates him.
I once flew to Tennessee or wherever Alabama I can’t remember
I thought he might call me.
Thought I’d laugh and say, I’m at a botanical garden
In Texas or wherever. Sorry, I can’t talk today.
I would push my hair out of my face
Like he would. Like he did. I would speak Polish
To a rare kind of cactus and try to lick it.
Come here, you ragged wonder, let me love me.

Kallie Falandays

Kallie Falandays

Kallie Falandays is the author of Dovetail Down the House (Burnside Review Press, 2016). You can read her work in Black Warrior Review, The Journal, Cut Bank, Day One, and elsewhere. She runs Tell Tell Poetry.
Kallie Falandays

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