Month: September 2017

A Trickle, a Loosening

Holly was at home watching a triple-bill-all-night-retro-horror-film-fest when her jaw dropped. It landed on her lap, like a baby bird. It was plump and hot, and there was white bone and sharp gristle bleeding out one side. Holly pushed her sweater over it, quick, so Ron wouldn’t see it and get angry. Her ears had been the first thing to go. They had dropped last Thursday, while she was doing her Tax return. She had wrapped them in foil and put them in the freezer. They were in there right now, frosting hard next to the Cookie Dough ice...

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Grab the Sharpest Blade

Your skin is a lemon, easy to peel. Slough away each bit with mandoline, slicer, knife, until you have a pile of empty bits. Snow pile. Rub your belly in the mess, wet. Shove the fat into a jar. This is your morning. When the soft spot blackens into a bruise, peel again. While you work, do not wipe away the sweat from your brow. Let it well up in great slithering pools and drop into your eyes, ears, nose. The fruit is terrible now, like poison. Throw it away and grab a different piece, this one less ripe....

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Uncle’s under the Humvee, knee cracked in two. Uncle’s wearing a dress and hollering. It’s Sunday. Uncle likes to ride on his Humvee and wear a dress sometimes, but only on Sunday. Uncle calls this freeing. Uncle calls this closer to God. * * * Uncle’s nice looking in his dress and everyone thinks so. But he lacks confidence. He’s afraid to go out. To the supermarket, or the bar where he likes to go. He thinks nobody will understand, that they’ll see him as a man in a dress and not all the other things he is. When...

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