Month: July 2017

(b)OINK the Intern

Hello, fellow (b)OINKers and (b)OINKettes! Welcome to the inauguration of our “Ask the Intern” section. We asked all you fine little piggies to provide us with some questions for our intern. And my, did you ever deliver. The intern is going to field several per post and continue to do so in the upcoming weeks. We are always looking for more questions. Please make them as rude, ridiculous, and (b)OINK appropriate as possible. Here we go! Question 1: “When do you think I should mention my need to be roughed up and dominated during sex to someone I’m dating?” Not right away...

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(b)OINKers Who Keep on (b)OINKing

You (b)OINKers are a prolific bunch! Check out what your compatriots are up to below: Audra Brown (issue 2) has a piece “Crush” in People Holding… Check it out here. Janel Brubraker (issue 4) has a piece “Clots” out in Linden Avenue It’s near the bottom, check it out here. Chris Drew (issue 4) has a piece “The Fisher King” in the Sleep is a Beautiful Color: 2017 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology Robin Wright (issue 3) has 5 poems “Listening” “Do We Have a Clue” “Delivery Men” “Trains in the Night” “Faith” in the Peacock Journal. Check it out here. Allen Jones (issue...

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