You (b)OINKers are a prolific bunch!

Check out what your compatriots are up to below:

Audra Brown (issue 2) has a piece “Crush” in People Holding… Check it out here.

Janel Brubraker (issue 4) has a piece “Clots” out in Linden Avenue It’s near the bottom, check it out here.

Chris Drew (issue 4) has a piece “The Fisher King” in the Sleep is a Beautiful Color: 2017 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

Robin Wright (issue 3) has 5 poems “Listening” “Do We Have a Clue” “Delivery Men” “Trains in the Night” “Faith” in the Peacock Journal. Check it out here.

Allen Jones (issue 5) has a poem “Deadicted Pluzzer” out in Moss Trill. Check it out here.

If you sent us your new work, don’t worry, we got it and you’ll be in an upcoming post on (trough). If you have NOT received an email from us, and have new work you want to share, give us a shout at and let us know what’s going on.

Happy (b)OINKing!

Corwin, Apprentice (b)OINKer

Corwin Holzman

Corwin Holzman

Corwin Holzman is the intern. He is pursuing an MA in writing as well as running a Milwaukee karate school, competing in martial arts, and driving quite a bit. He also blogs about his adventures and thoughts here.
Corwin Holzman

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