Month: July 2017

(b)OINK the Intern…Harder.

Round two of (b)OINK the Intern is here. We had to convince him to come out of the corner after quite a bit of reassurance that everything was going to be ok. Queries What’s the best way to repurpose a pair of love cuffs gathering dust? Well, there are a few options. The one that came to mind right away was “BECOME A POLICE PERSON.” I mean, how ridiculous would it be to get arrested with a pair of handcuffs that are probably slightly crusty and also neon pink (or green, or whatever—I don’t feel like they’re ever NOT neon). Just think...

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New Staff. Great Staff.

(b)OINK is pleased to welcome some new piggies to the pen.   Caitlin Scarano joins the ranks as our newest poetry editor. She’s currently in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PhD creative writing program and has some serious poetry chops.               Amanda McNeil is the new Event Coordinator. Any future readings, seminars, workshops, or anything else will be in her superbly capable hands.               Allan Fuelling is our Web Developer. All the smooth design and clean pages you’re enjoying on this site happened because of him.              ...

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35mm Fiction Contest

35mm Fiction is (b)OINK’s monthly microfiction contest. Every month we will post a 35mm photo. The premise of the contest is simple: write a piece of fiction, 35 words or less, using the 35mm photo as a prompt. The word count excludes the title, though we suggest you keep the title short (which means do not use it as a device to tell more about the story). We are firm on 35 words or less. Any stories that exceed the word count will automatically be disqualified. Though we would love for each story to be 35 words on the...

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What Rob’s Mom Said

What Rob’s Mom Said, I think, is a result of Rob’s continued effort to expand my literary horizon. A few years ago he refused to give me any more Nicholas Sparks books for Christmas. All of a sudden I was reading books that I heard other people talking about. Now, with (b)OINK, Rob is exposing me to literature that is a bit edgier; some maybe even a little out of my comfort zone. I guess he just wants to hear what I have to say about it.   I audibly...

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(b)OINK the Intern

Hello, fellow (b)OINKers and (b)OINKettes! Welcome to the inauguration of our “Ask the Intern” section. We asked all you fine little piggies to provide us with some questions for our intern. And my, did you ever deliver. The intern is going to field several per post and continue to do so in the upcoming weeks. We are always looking for more questions. Please make them as rude, ridiculous, and (b)OINK appropriate as possible. Here we go! Question 1: “When do you think I should mention my need to be roughed up and dominated during sex to someone I’m dating?” Not right away...

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