Hello (b)OINKers and (b)OINKettes,

There is an event that will further the bounds of writing and stories.

Or, at least be a whole lot of fun. Plus it’s in a bar. With beer.

We have our first ever reading this Thursday (June 29th) at 7pm. The event will be at Sugar Maple in Bay View.

Address: 441 E Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

The reading will feature local writers as well as some previous contributors. Dora Diamond will be our MC. Come out to support the local scene, say hello, and grab a beer!

List of writers:

Christine Baerbock

Ryan Werner

Caitlin Scarano

Amanda McNeil

Jonathan Cardew

Elias Sepulveda

Gwen Werner

Rob Parrish

Lee L. Krecklow

Robert Vaughan



Corwin Holzman

Corwin Holzman

Corwin Holzman is the intern. He is pursuing an MA in writing as well as running a Milwaukee karate school, competing in martial arts, and driving quite a bit. He also blogs about his adventures and thoughts here.
Corwin Holzman

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