be     quiet
because they still burn witches around here
and we can only say we are doing white magick
so many times     a blood oath does not have
to involve family     many things do not have
to involve family    like truth     or     starvation

these white bandages won’t help a lot     the hurt
is farther inside     the dead boy chooses
to still inhabit his curry colored body     how much
does he own     if choosing stops being a choice

be quiet     dry heaving is a funereal practice

I want to be burned     I want a book written
about my cremation     call it     a study in smoke
I used to be     like smoke     now I am not like
anything at all     I want to be open like the gates
of a heaven I do not believe in     how much
black magick     do you require 
to send off a vagabond     I’m asking for a friend

he also wants to know what mummification is about
and what is     the aftermath     of a withered body

you need all your strength     for grieving  
so you have to     eat something              

also say:
when I ask you to pass the salt     I mean
you can let your ghosts     cry on my shoulder

Logan February

Logan February

Logan February is a happy-ish Nigerian owl who likes pizza and typewriters. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Vagabond City, Wildness, Glass, and more. His chapbooks, Painted Blue With Saltwater (Indolent Books) and How to Cook a Ghost (Glass Poetry Press) are forthcoming in 2017.
Logan February

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