What was your awakening as an artist? When did you feel like you were meant to create?

Hmm, my awakening as an artist…I guess I would say it was after I cut all the tendons and nerves in my drawing hand due to a dumb and freakish accident. I started creating on a much larger scale afterward as a means of physical therapy, and it just kind of stuck. I still don’t have full feeling in my hand but hey, now I don’t notice my hand getting sore when I’m drawing.

When you need to find your creativity, how do you evoke it? Do you people-watch? Eavesdrop on conversations? What’s your bread and butter?

Tons of different things help evoke ideas, but the biggest idea makers are when I overload on information about a subject I am interested in. I fall into an endless wikipedia click-chain, and scour the internet for pictures that I can composite together later. Or, I just go on walks and feed the neighborhood crows.

You’re originally from Reno, Nevada, but now live in Innsbruck, Austria. What are the vibes in Austria versus Reno?

I would say the vibes in Austria are very similar to Reno in some regards, but also somehow light years away. It something that is so hard to explain, but there is a difference, it’s just so slight that you have to spend a longer time here to really start to notice. All in all, I love both equally and miss each equally as much when I am away.

What’s the coolest side project/commission you’ve done?

I would have to say the recent commissioned portrait of Kurt Cobain. Normally he’s not someone I would have thought of drawing because I usually like to stick to less recognisable imagery, but the people that commissioned the portrait gave me free range on it and I took it. I researched the hell out of him and discovered he was a huge fan of Lead Belly, so I decided to draw him in the style of an old blues musician and incorporated the lyrics of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” into the work. I think I listened to that song about 100 times while drawing the portrait.

What’s the best/strangest/weirdest comment you’ve received in regard to your work?

The greatest comment I got was when Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot recognised and shared a drawing of mine. I think she is just the most awesome and badass woman around. My excitement was through the roof when I found out. The weirdest comment was, and I quote:

“U r very scary. Is there Complance.?. How.?. It’s I got the dope.!. Want it? Meanwhile. I look for Abandon house. Self employ’d Fight Club. See U around. How? I haven’t Calendar’d it. Plenty of plan though.”

Yeah, not sure what he was going for there.

A lot of your work is portrait-based. If you could do a portrait of anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Hmm…well technically I can draw anyone whenever I want, but if you mean draw them, AND meet them, I would say Steve Buscemi. Because one: that is one unique and interesting face; and two: it’s Steve Buscemi.

Care to tell (b)OINK and its readers a secret no one knows about you? C’mon, let the little piggy out.

I think the biggest current secret in my life is that there was a bug that tried to crawl out of a small space in my apartment, and, in doing so, somehow managed to get stuck and die. Now I am far too freaked and grossed out to remove it, so it is basically just chilling there, dead and stuck. Yuck.

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Liana Z. Weber

Liana Z. Weber

Liana Z. Weber was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and received her art degree at the University of Nevada, Reno. A year after graduating and working some odd jobs, Liana moved to Innsbruck, Austria. There she works on projects varying from portrait and poster art commissions to comic book and cover art illustrations, all while getting her masters degree in art restoration. You can see her art on instagram @lianathecreator.
Liana Z. Weber

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