call her sexy, baby. even if she doesn’t like it.
elevate her to the skies, to the rims of her beautiful eyes.

send her lusty emoticons as she struggles with the praise.
prop her on a pedestal. she wants to pout and pose.
like a vogue model.

she is not dark, she is dusky. she is not silly,
she is sweet 16. she is not a homemaker,
she is a wild fantasy. say you’ll spank her butt.

keep her up past 3am. let the adrenaline rush
leach her insides. let her lose weight rapidly.

ignore her completely next day. don’t reply.
bad boy. avoid her constant chatter, desperate alphabet.

don’t ever talk about your wife, kids, family.
make her talk, talk a lot. talk a lot about you, baby.

catch her when she’s alone, vulnerable. when her husband
is out of town. when you are out of town, in a hotel. call her
from the airport. remind her of the time you both were on a flight
together and never spoke.

have her talk dirty to you. ask her to send a glass of wine with
lipstick marks on it. or come to you in a lacy thong. nothing else.

fuck her, hard, slowly. make her come. have her scream your name.
give her the freaking most intense orgasm.
naked on the bed. writhing. blow her brains out.

next day: have her sort through her feelings herself,
pummel through the day, barrel through her thoughts. let her regret.

no more sexual innuendo. let her deal with the wakened beast.
keep asking her for naked photos, tell her to get a brazilian.

insult her. insult her marriage.

cut off all contact, snip through her apologies. make her feel like
she’s doing or saying something wrong all the time. let her pick up
the pieces of her efforts, her marriage, her sex.

break, never build.

Anu Mahadev

Anu Mahadev

Anu Mahadev is a New Jersey-based poet, and a 2016 graduate of the MFA in Poetry program at Drew University. She is part time editor of Jaggery Lit Online and The Woman Inc.. Her work has appeared in a few anthologies—Colors of Refuge and Reinventing Myths, and some of her poems are forthcoming in other journals as well.
Anu Mahadev

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