Month: February 2017


The body matters more than the skin, which is why I told you to take yours off and you listened. I’d never seen a body without its skin before. You folded the skin, a clean retail fold, and put it in the top drawer next to your socks. I am reiterating all of the facts here so we can know them and spend the rest of our lives trying to forget that we know what we know. Now everything that you touch leaves a mark that looks like it should be collected and put in a bio-contaminated waste bag....

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Water, Ball, Blue

He would bubble words into the water. I put white paste on my mouth. I became his mother. The movement of my lips became songs through his blowhole. Songs he sang for me. Water, ball, blue. The walls were all plastered. The house was filled with water. An elevator moved him to the second floor. I had an air mattress where I slept beside him, a telephone on a table, a little stove. I fed him fish from a bucket. We swam in the water, our skins rubbing against each other. Don’t even think in your own language, I...

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A Disappearance

Sienna’s boyfriend started to disintegrate. It was her 37th birthday. She had only wanted him to tell her something nice. When his body pixelated as he cut the cake, candle wax melting on the frosting, she reached for a knife on the table. “It’s okay,” he said, “One minute you’re here, the next you’re anywhere else.” She was older and was finding pieces of him around their house, in the backyard, on trailheads and in dumpsters. The sonic etching of his voice in the halls. His Cubs baseball cap on a strange woman’s head at the farmer’s market. “Do...

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