it's unsleepable Thursday
and i eat an apple

over the sink. 		tonight,
			every molecule of air 

			grew its mandibles.
			they almost teach 
		my skin the meaning

of constellation 

			as they teethe pink
	welts into my forearms. 
		i’d itch them off,
		but tonight i’m too busy

wondering what sinewy 
			havoc purrs—coiled
and lipless—at the bottom
	of my drain.

Woody Woodger

Woody Woodger

Woody Woodger is a New England poet forthcoming in Barely South and Postcards Poems and Prose. He has previously appeared in Soundings East, Golden Walkman Magazine, and Dear Hope. His chapbook postcards from glasshouse drive was a finalist in the 2016 Paper Nautilus Debut Chapbook Contest.
Woody Woodger

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