i’m dressed up

    too little to sway, so

    we take a nap in the cold

            and test the field.


it felt like swimming

all over,

like children

    lived below us in little rooms


    we sang bright and beautifully

    like a coma,                    dark

    pear tree and gravel pit.


    truth is

    there is little of me

    and you.            just clotheslines—

    my skirt   ,   your jeans


   sex skimming in the air.

   seedlings burrow,

   ticks in

   night flesh and

   baby teeth lined my heart.

Emelia Reuterfors

Emelia Reuterfors

Emelia Reuterfors grew up in the Missouri Ozarks. She received her BA from Beloit College and MFA from the University of Arizona. Currently, Emelia returned to the Ozarks where she throws knives, builds shadowboxes, and is a case manager for the homeless population. Her work can be found in DIAGRAM, The Feminist Wire, Dryland_lit, and The Quieting.
Emelia Reuterfors

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