Blood. Cum. Spit. These are elements that give Ron Kibble’s work the visceral immediacy that allows us entry to his work. This visceral gut punch precursors the profound reflections of the human condition. His marks are direct and universal and nonhierarchical. Instantly activating subconscious root chakra. Then with time we can move up  through our psychic energy centers and explode onto and back to the universal. The work is a primal kundalini yoga class of the highest caliber.

— David Carter

At what age did you start painting, or realize you wanted to be an artist?

When I was 8, I had a teddy bear that was dressed like an artist and I named him Leonardo (DaVinci). It was at this time I felt that I was an artist. I also had a poster of Pablo Picasso. It was not until high school that I knew with certainty that I was meant to do art.

Who are some artists you look to for inspiration?

I really like DaVinci’s drawings, primitive art and cave art. But I also am a fan of The Beat Generation and artist Joseph Beuys.

What are other areas of your work that you look to for your painting?

Although there are artists and movements that I like more than others, I really don’t find inspiration in art. Things just pop into my head all the time. One thing makes me think of something, then something else. I never really know where I will end up. I just let things happen, let my mind go where it wants to go; one mark leads to the next one.

You work in multimedia, too. Any influences from one genre to the next, and if so, how?

Everything I come into contact with ultimately has an influence on me because it becomes part of the cumulative of who I am. I do find myself attracted to artists that do extreme anti-realism stuff and experimental art.

In December, (b)OINK editor Robert Vaughan selected your cover for his new book, FUNHOUSE. How did you select that image?

He planted a seed and I let it grow. Robert told me the title of the book and images just started popping in my head. I showed him one or two, and it took off.

Where can others interested in your work find you? Do you take commissions?

I do take commissions but with only very, very limited persecutors! I can make no guarantees where I will end up on any given piece. I’m on social media: Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and Instagram. I also have two main websites: and

What are the short and long term plans for your art?

I’m always making short-term goals, but my long-term goal is very simple: fame and fortune.

Ron Kibble

Ron Kibble

Rob Kibble was born in Rudyard, Michigan, and grew up at the Norris Adolescent Center in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. He went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Ron currently lives in Scottsdale Arizona.
Ron Kibble

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