1. Scientifically, if you’re decapitated, then you’re dead.
  2. The severed head contains enough oxygen to keep it conscious for about 12 seconds after it leaves the body. One man’s account states that after the car accident, he saw his best friend’s face flinch in grief at the sight of his own body graduation-cap flung against the wreckage.
  3. Decapitation is seen as the most humane way to kill a person. That there is no dull ache any appendage remembers after its fall.
    1. So theoretically, it would’ve hurt me less to be beheaded than for you to leave.
  4. Professional decapitations were so culturally popular that executioners created fashion trends based on what they wore to the chopping block and
  5. at the chop / the head-blood can pulse out for up to 30 seconds after severance // months later / I wake up guzzled / my skin flakes off into my sheets / bruises float to my spine’s surface / I mean I would’ve cut my hands off / to keep holding yours / but that’s not the body part of mine / you wanted //
  6. I remember, once, you fucked me so hard I blacked out / saw my own body flung sky-ward /
  7. I wonder if the audience members thought the executioner’s clothes were dyed that color or just stained it.
  8. The word “murder” is not used for victims of execution; that word is reserved for people who did not deserve to lose anything.
    1. Theoretically, if you’re being decapitated, you should be grateful they didn’t choose a slower way to discard you.
  9. I would not say you ghosted me. Rather you phantom out of my mouth and sit on the bed next to everyone I bring home. They all like the way my neck pendulums under their hands. They kiss me softly / like they want me to remember it / and I flinch away / taste blood / I wonder if they think I’ve always been this flighty.
  10. There is no confirmation that decapitation is also the most humane way to kill chickens, but it is done anyway. I mean I was such a / good pet. You came towards me / cooing / and I didn’t even see / the knife.
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